Postgraduate Program



 Milestones of Unram Post-Graduate Program

The official establishment of Post-graduate Program was begun by the approval given to open a Magister of Management Study Program under the control of the organizational structure of the Economic Science by the Directorate General of Higher Education in 1999 based on the decree Number: 153/DIKTI/Kep/1999 on 13th April 1999. In 2003 the Magister of Law Science Study Program has been opened under control of the law science organization structure on the Director General Decree No: 1877/D/T/2003 on August 13, 2003. In 2004, it was opened two study programs, namely; The Master of Rural Environment Resource Management Study Program under the organizational structure of the Faculty of Agriculture, Directorate General of Higher Education University of Mataram based on the Decree No: 3066/D/T/2004 on August 9, 2004 and Magister of Animal science resource management under the the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Organization based on the Director General of Higher Education Number: 3798/D/T/2004 September 21, 2004. For more effective, efficient and productive management, thus on September 8, 2005 all the four Magister Study programs  are managed in an integration under control of  the organizational structure of Unram Post Graduate program based on the decree of Unram’s Rector number: 8251/J18.H/HK.01.11/2005. In the period of 2005-2009 Directorate General of Higher Education has given an approval for the opening of Magister of Science Education (2007), Magister of Accounting (2009), Magister of Economics (2009) and Magister of Bahasa Indonesia Education (2009).pasca2

In 2011, the operational licence for the Master of Civil Engineering Study Program was issued, then on April 24, 2012 the operational licenses for the Masters of English Language Study Program based on the Education Minister Decree No. 138/E/O/2012. Currently, Unram Post-Graduate program manages 26 interests on the ten Magister Study Programs.

the implementation od the program based the Higher Education rules of the Director General of Higher Education, Unram rules, and Organizational Structure and Unram Administration Post Graduate Program decided based on the Rector’s Decree No. 9409/H18/HK/2007, on July 24, 2007.

The vision is to become a leading Program that meets international academic standards to produce qualified graduates mastering science and technology (IPTEK) and able to conduct research and community service that benefit through the supporting cooperation which is based on Imtaq, while the mission are:

  1. Becoming a qualified higher education in order to produce human resources mastering science and technology and to support the local, regional and national development.
  2. Developing cooperation with various parties and agencies in country and abroad to support the realization of research-based university (Research University).

Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives of Unram the post-graduate program are:

  1. To implement a considerable, smooth, efficient and superior education programs.
  2. To develop a conducive academic atmosphere in order to create the scientific community at Unram.
  3. To Develop a culture of research among the academia in order to promote the establishment of university-based research.pasca3
  4. To Develop cooperation with other institutions, both in country and abroad in order to improve sustainable program.

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