Study Program of Sociology


Ir. H. Syarifuddin, M.Si Head of Study Program


Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science. dated 3 November 1962 No. 139/1962, established the founding of the State University of Mataram from October 1, 1962, which consisted of three faculties: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, as well as the Faculty of Agriculture. The Sociology Program, University of Mataram was established based on the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 132 / E / O / 2014, dated June 3rd, 2014 on Operation Permit Program at the University of Mataram. To support the implementation of academic activities and administration of study programs under Mataram University Rector Decree No. 9039 / UN18 / HK.00.01 / 2004, dated August 29, 2014 set the  location in Jalan Education 37.


“To actualize a qualified study program in sociology of education to generate graduates who master science and technology, able to carry out research and service that benefit the community and have international competitiveness in 2025.”


  1. To carry out quality education in order to generate human resources that are able to analyze, apply and develop science and technology in the field of sociology.
  2. To carry out research that is capable of producing science and technology in the field of sociology in accordance with the needs of development and stakeholders.
  3. To carry out devotion to apply science and technology education and research results in the field of sociology that are beneficial to the welfare of farmers and communities.
  4. To organize services and cooperation in the field of sociology with various parties, both nationally and internationally to support the implementation of the Three Pillars of Tertiary Education.

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