Study Program of International Relation

West Nusa Tenggara is one of the provinces in the eastern part of Indonesia that has a Human Development Index (HDI) which located at the middle to lower level. In 2004, NTB was ranked 33 out of 33 provinces, in 2006 it rose by one notch to the 32nd. That was insignificant, even in 2007 the HDI rank of NTB was stagnant at 32nd. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in 2012, the HDI of NTB in 2010 still ranked 32 with a score of 65.20, or slightly better than Papua, which occupies the lowest position with a score of 64.94. However, in its development, there has been a shift in HDI scores in 2011, from a score of 65.20 in 2010 to 66.23or up 1.12 points. [1] Based on the data, it is clear that the life expectancy, literacy rates, average length of school and the purchasing power of the population as an indicator of HDI Nusa Tenggara are still very concern.

Mataram University as one of the state universities in West Nusa Tenggara have a responsibility to participate and contribute to regional development, especially through the implementation of the Three Pillars of Tertiary Education, they are: education, research, and community service. Through an education system, the Higher Education is expected to generate human resources that control science and technology, creative, innovative, tolerant, and have resilient character. As in the field of research and community service, it is expected to produce scientific work in the field of science that can be devoted to the benefit of the nation, the state, and humanity.

In the development efforts of Province of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram University is responsible for assisting local governments in preparing human resources with expertise, both theoretical and practical in the field of Social and Political Sciences. One of the studies needed to support community development in West Nusa Tenggara Province is the International Relations Program. The presence of this study program is getting essential in order to meet the development needs of both the national and international level.

International Relations Studies Program development is essential in West Nusa Tenggara Province. This is also in line with the increasing needs of government and the international community of the importance of organizing the government in the field of international relations supporting national development activities. Therefore, the formation of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Mataram is designed to meet the challenges and needs of the community professional experts and have the competence and skills in the field of international relations, especially in the free markets era, both at the global level ( WTO) and regional (AFTA, ACFTA and APEC). This is also in line with the increasing diplomatic relations between states, good social relations, political and economic ties (the business) that occurred in the province of West Nusa Tenggara, as seen in the sectors of tourism, employment, investment, and international trade.

International Relations Studies Program that will be proposed at the University of Mataram designed to address the challenges of community needs of competent personnel in the field of international relations, not only the mastery of the theory of international relations, but also practical skills. The existence of this study program is expected to compete both nationally and internationally in order to face the free market era with mastery of all the rules of international trade as stated in the agreement of the WTO, APEC, AFTA and ACFTA.

The readiness of the University of Mataram, based on the results of the analysis show that human resources (Lecturers) are sufficient (qualified S3, S2 and S1) with the appropriate knowledge to the needs of the opening of the International Relations Program. In terms of infrastructure as a means of classrooms, laboratories and other academic support facilities that are sufficient to facilitate the learning process. Similarly, the support funding for the implementation of International Relation Study Program is expected not only from non-tax revenues, but it also can come from the provincial government and district / city governments in NTB and the private sector (including through the scholarship program of PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara) and the other concerned companies. International Relations Studiy Program Faculty of Social Sciences Political, Mataram University will implement the program in accordance with its vision, mission, and goals. Therefore, the development in the field of education needs to be carried out to organize the institutional education according to the needs of society and the international developments.


In 2025, the International Relations Program is expected to able to be a research-based study program in the field of study of global political and economic competitiveness at national and international levels.


  1. To implement quality education, teaching and research-based knowledge in the field of international relations, having academic relevance to global changes in the social, economic and political conditions in the national and international levels.
  2. To conduct research in the field of international relations in a professional manner in order to compete in the face of challenges both in the national and international level.
  3. To implement community service through the utilization of international relations in order to improve the welfare of society still based on the spirit of togetherness.
  4. To develop and disseminating knowledge of international relations by working both nationally and internationally.

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