Study Program of Farmacy

Job Prospects of Graduates

Pharmacy graduates are prepared to be able to develop themselves ready to work both independently and cooperated in a team. Pharmacy graduates have employment opportunities; (1) in Pharmacy: as consultants of drugs but has not been able acting as a manager or pharmacist manager of pharmacy, (2) at the Hospital: the pharmacy, as a member of executive team management of drugs and medical devices as well as consultants of drugs, (3) in Clinical Laboratory, as an analyst in the field of pharmacy, (4) in the Pharmaceutical Industry, as managers / staff at the production unit, the unit of quality control or quality assurance as well as research and development unit of medicinal products, the same position was also ready to work in the traditional medicine industry , basic and applied chemical industry, and (5) in addition, they are ready also to work in the field of marketing of pharmaceutical products, foods and beverages, cosmetics and medical devices.

Graduates of Pharmacy can also work in government institutions related to health and pharmacy, among others on (1) At the Ministry of Health – Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Services, (2) Agency for Food and Drug Administration in all regions level I, (3) Provincial / District / City HealthOffice, (4) At the storehouses of Pharmacy at the district / city, (5) Military, Police hospitals, Forensic Laboratory of the National Police – Central and Local, (6) As Lecturer at the University under Ministry of Education and Culture, (7) As a researcher at the Research Institute for Health Development at State Ministry for Research and Technology, and (8) as well as a researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

In general, pharmaceutical Bachelors can occupy the same areas with the pharmacist. Differentiating factor between bachelor of pharmacy with a pharmacist profession lie on the responsibility / authority level. Positions of responsibility can always be filled by pharmacist profession, the bachelor of phafmacy can not be responsible as a manager (limited to the executive authority). This is because they had more emphasis on theory. This theory will be applied when the program enters the pharmacist profession. After passing these two levels, a pharmacist is expected to be ready to apply their knowledge to society.

That is why the future of pharmaceutical study program is expected to continue on program pharmacist profession, as incomplete if a pharmacist if only know the theory without ever strengthened and deployed to the real world of work. However, pharmacy graduates still have the ability to be able to serve the society with limited authority. This limitation is expected to stimulate the pharmacy graduates to proceed to the next level that the science they become better prepared to face the challenges in society.


To generate pharmaceutical quality graduates and professionals in the field based on local wisdom and rationally utilizing natural resources to improve the health and welfare of the community.


  1. To implement education and learning effectively and efficiently
  2. To implement research and dedication of pharmacy to the community
  3. To implement and develop co-operation between universities and other institutions
  4. To implement and develop the interests and talents of students that lead to professional ethics and uphold the noble values of humanity

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