Study Program of Aquaculture


Nunik Cokrowati, S.Pi., M.Si (Head of Study Program)

Initiation of the establishment of aquaculture study program conducted by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ir. Parman, PhD in 2004. In an effort to the establishment of a new study program, formed the founding team to develop proposals establishing the program study. The team was headed by Ir. M. Junaidi, M.Si. with members of Ir. Edi Santoso, M.Sc., Dewi Nur’aeni Setyowati, S.Pi., Ir. Sitti Hilyana, M.Si., Ir. Saptono Waspodo, M.Sc., Nanda Diniarti, S.Pi., M.Sc., Alis Mukhlis, S.Pi., ¬†MSi. At that time, the fulfillment of the requirements of human resources for the establishment of a new study program was still difficult to fulfill in which to establish Aquaculture study program required at least 2 lecturers with Master of Fisheries qualification and 4 lecturers of Bachelor of Fisheries. Then the Lecturers fulfiling the qualification were Ir. M. Junaidi, M.Si, Ir. Edi Santoso, M.Si and Arben Virgotta, S.Pi., M.Si. ¬†Lecturers with qualification Bachelor of Fisheries were Dewi Nuraeni S., S. Pi, Alis Mukhlis, S.Pi, and Nanda Diniarti, S.Pi. Once these requirements were met, then the Higher Education issued a decree Establishment Program Fisheries by Decree No. 1192 / D / T / 2006 dated 12 April 2006, which permited the implementation of this Study program in which was originally divided in two concentrations, namely Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management. However, based on the Director General of Higher Education Decree No. 163 / DIKTI / Kep / 2007, the study program changed its name to Aquaculture Study Program.

Aquaculture Study Program was initially a part of the Faculty of Agriculture that the management of education was conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture and run for seven years (2006-2013). However, since the issuance of the Rector of the University of Mataram Decree No. 498 / UN18 / HK.00.01 / 2013 on “Determination Program Aquaculture and Forestry Studies Program, University of Mataram”, established that the Program was a unit that carried out under the Rector of the University of Mataram. So since the signing of the letter on 25 January 2013, the Aquaculture Program was officially separated from the Faculty of Agriculture and directly under the management of the University of Mataram.

“To become a Leading Study Program of Marine Aquaculture field which based on Research and has International Competitiveness by the year of 2025”.


  1. To implement a quality education in the field of marine aquaculture in particular, national and international quality standards, strong research-based sustainable manner;
  2. To implement and improve the quality of research and research collaboration focused on the field of marine aquaculture which has national and international quality standards;
  3. To carry out community service activities through the dissemination and application of science, technology and management of marine aquaculture in particular based on research by national and international quality standards to contribute in resolving problems in society.
  4. To build a network of extensive cooperation with various stakeholders, government agencies and private, at home and abroad, in order to develop aquaculture to support the implementation of the three pillars of tertiary education, national and international quality standards.
  5. To implement asset governance, finance and administration that meets the standards of good governance, efficient, effective, transparent and accountable, in order to support the implementation of the three pillars of tertiary education, national and international quality standards.



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