Cooperation Indonesia-France Doctoral Program

Jakarta, March 14, 2011 – Director General Djoko Santoso higher education receives French delegation Doctoral School. The delegation of eleven French universities is led by French Ambassador to Indonesia HE Philippe Zeller.

Djoko Santoso welcomed the delegation of France. This visit aims to discuss the details of the higher education cooperation Dissertation Supervision Joint Programme between the representatives of the French universities with university representatives from Indonesia.

Zeller on this occasion stated that Indonesian students who continue their education at the master’s and doctoral France increased from year to year. To facilitate this, the French government to establish a variety of higher education cooperation between the two countries. One is through the help of the research costs. When in 2010 the French Government fund eight research packages, then for the year increased to 15 research packages.

“Money is not enough” said Dominique Debois, French Higher Education Attaché to Indonesia. To generate long-term cooperation, there are three things to consider on both sides. First, universities that cooperation is the best of both countries. Second, the science and future research should be expanded. Currently the main focus is cooperation in the field of technology and agriculture, but the future can be developed into other disciplines such as mathematics, chemistry and other fields. Third, the criteria for faculty who will participate in this program must have clear standards.

Higher education co-operation between the two countries is not just for the sake of the development of science and research, but also for understanding the culture and the way of thinking of each nation. For the future, the cooperation of higher education not only for students from Indonesia to study in France. But more are reciprocal, where students can learn French in Indonesia as for the field of volcanology or agricultural diversity.

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