CALL FOR PAPERS FOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE-ICMSE2015 – Innovation and Advances in Mathematics, Sciences and Education for the 21st Century Challenges

Conference Focus

This Conference will address disciplinary and interdisciplinary challenges in the mathematics, sciences and education, in particular the co-development of sciences and education. At first glance, the scope and concerns of the conference are enormous. The conference aims to explore, in an interdisciplinary spirit, linkages between different areas of concern and practices of investigation. We welcome presentation of papers which range from broad explorations of philosophical, theoretical, methodological and policy questions, to papers which finely present grained evidence of the connections of mathematics and sciences and education in teaching and practices.


  • Bridging mathematic and science development and science education.
  • Promoting innovations and advances in sciences and science education.
  • Promoting academic networking among researches in mathematics, science, and education.

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