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Milestones of Faculty of Food Technology and Agro-Industry

fatepa1Faculty of Food Technology and Agro-Industry (FATEPA) is the newest faculty at the University of Mataram (Unram) which was officially established based on the approval of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education and Culture No: 144/E/C/2012 and Decree of Rector of Unram No: 1569/UN18 / HK.00.12/2012. FATEPA has currently conducted two undergraduate (S1) study programs; Food Science and Technology (PS ITP) and Agricultural Engineering (PS TEP). Food Science and Technology Study Program which was previously named Agricultural Technology Study Program under the Faculty of Agriculture Unram

Vision, Mission and Objective.

The visions are:

Developing science, technology and quality, dynamic and innovative human resources in the field of food, agro-industries and bio-system base-environment.

The missions are:

  1. To Implement the education orienting on science, professionalism and entrepreneur.
  2. To conduct research for developing food technology, Agro-industry and bio-system.
  3. To be proactive in the application of food technology, agro-industry and bio-system to help forward the agricultural industry.

The objective. The objectives of FATEPA are: to Improve the quality of the learning process in accordance with standards established by the professionals and government; to improve the quality of graduates that can be accepted by the labor market at regional, national, and international levels; to improve the quality of research and reproduce the technology package that has intellectual property rights (HKI); to improve society services in the form of dissemination and application of science and technology; to improve networking with stakeholders to participate in developing food technology, agro-industry and bio-system.

Organization and Personnel

FATEPA has several organizational units, namely: the Senate as a normative institution; leadership elements consist of Dean and Vices of Dean. Academic Services consist of 2 (two) Programs; Food Science and Technology (ITP) and Agricultural Engineering (TEP). Each study program is led by a Head of Study Program. Another element is Academic Supporting comprising of Laboratories coordinated by Science and Food Technology Study Program (ITP) such as Food Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory, Food Processing Laboratory, Food Microbiology Laboratory and Quality Control Laboratory while the laboratories coordinated by Agricultural Engineering Study Program (TEP) are; Agricultural Machinery and Power  Laboratory, Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory and agricultural Environmental Conservation and technical Laboratory and library.

In addition, Student organizations consist of Student Executive Board (BEM) and Student Representative Council (DPM) as well as some Student Activity Units (UKF). The administration service is managed by Administrative section led by a head of Administration assisted by two (2) sub-sections led by the Head of Sub-Section namely: Education and Student Affairs; and General, Personnel, Finance and Supplies.

The organization Charts are as follows;fatepa2

  1. Senate: Chairman: Prof. Ir. Eko Basuki, M.App.Sc., Ph.D.; Members: Ir. Agustono Prarudiyanto, MS., Baiq Rien Handayani, SP., M.Sc., Ph.D., Ir. Nazaruddin, MP., Prof. Ir. Sri Widyastuti, M.App.Sc., Ph.D.,, Ir. M. Abbas Zaini, MP., Ir. Chess Cahyawan E.M., M.Eng., Ir. Ahmad Alam, MP., Ir. Zainuri, M.App, Sc., Ph.D., Dr. Ansar, S.Pd, M.Pd., MP., Murad, SP., MP

Development of Study Program


Presently, FATEPA Unram has conducted 2 (two) undergraduate (S1) Study Programs; Food Science and Technology and Agricultural Engineering. Food Science and Technology has 3 (three) departments, namely: Food Technology, Food Microbiology and Nutrition. In addition,  Agricultural Engineering also has 3 (three) departments, namely: Agricultural Machinery and Power; Bioprocess Engineering and  Agricultural Environmental and Technical Conservation Laboratory.

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